Interesting! Even a maths teacher can hate maths.

When I was looking around for other maths blogs, I came across this one:

Ben Orlin’s Blog about Maths

Reading this will help those of us who are educating children, either at home or at school.

Ben explains how he became a maths hater.

It is interesting for us to understand that lack of ability or application in maths can be caused by something as simple as being ‘turned off’ maths.

There’s a little bit of Ben in all of us and it is much easier to give up and give in rather than keep trying.

I hope it will make you, like it did me, see things differently and mean that you will be able to offer your child, as you sit next to him/her, the support he/she needs to overcome any anxiety he/she might be feeling and begin to conquer the fear of maths before it takes hold.


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Anne and Pam are friends and colleagues with an obsession for improving maths attainment through raising self-esteem.

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