What can I do if my child doesn’t ‘get it’ after I have explained it?

A really useful strategy in this situation is ‘modelling’ it is particularly useful when you are introducing a new topic or when your child is unsure of how to solve a problem or complete a procedure.

As the name suggests it involves you acting as a role model for your child and working out a solution or finishing off a procedure.

While doing that you must speak a running commentary of what you are doing; why you are doing it; what you are thinking and what you expect to happen next, so your child can see the thought processes behind your actions.

This strategy helps your child to learn more effectively than just providing him/her with the answer. It provides him/her with a model to follow when he/she comes across a similar situation.

It also gives you a contex to remind your child of if he/she needs support in a similar situation.  Using statements like ‘Do you remember when …….’ or ‘Remember what we did last time we ……’ will help your child to recall the modelling you did.

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Anne and Pam are friends and colleagues with an obsession for improving maths attainment through raising self-esteem.

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