How can we help ALL children to like maths?

When looking through our photo archives the other day, we found this one.


A child in one of our maths intervention classes wrote this at the end of our time working with him. Before our intervention ALL the children in the group told us in no uncertain terms that they hated maths.

So how did we change that around? It wasn’t easy. We had to prove to all the children that they could trust us. Again, not easy when we were working with children who were used to being let down by the education system. An added pressure was that we only had 12 weeks, one hour a day and three days a week to make a change.

So, you know what? We took it slowly.  Not what you might expect but we spent time proving to the children we could be trusted and building up their self-esteem, working on maths but without any pressure and supporting them all the way.

Once they were ‘on board’ with us, then we went for it! That’s what makes us different, we believe that children need  time to practise; time to think; time to work things out and time to show what they know. When they get that then like the picture says children ‘like maths because it makes you forget about what’s going on in the world’ Powerful stuff maths!

If you have been Home Educating since your child reached CSA, then this will not be a problem for you.  You have had the opportunity to work alongside your child, allowing him/her to work at his/her pace. You will know immediately if the challenge is too great and make changes in your expectations straight away.  That is one of the great advantages of Home Educating.

If however, you are home educating because your education system has let down your child, then you may be faced with a child who feels the same as the ones I mentioned above.  We recommend you do what we did and start with building self-esteem; moving forward in small steps; supporting as soon as difficulties arise and asking questions that allow your child to think deep.

If you need some structure to support your work with your child then head over to our parental maths support website i2imaths. There are videos and posters to remind parents of the maths learnt at school; ideas for supporting children’s maths homework; a detailed glossary of mathematical terms; articles on both mathematical and general learning theories and a whole area specifically developed for Home Educators.

Go to and read our public pages to see if for £29.99 a year we could support you, when leading your child in maths.

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Anne and Pam are friends and colleagues with an obsession for improving maths attainment through raising self-esteem.

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