How does Mathematical Vocabulary Support Maths Learning?

What’s the Big Deal about Vocabulary?

This booklet is written for teachers of maths and refers to middle school students  but we have read it and know it will be of use to Home Educators, as it is a more about theory than practice, and the concept of using, and explaining the meaning of, the correct mathematical vocabulary is appropriate for even the youngest of mathematical learners.

In the booklet above the National Council for Teachers of Maths shows that, for many reasons, using the correct vocabulary is vital.

The NCTM offers strategies for introducing new vocabulary and show how using mathematical vocabulary avoids misconceptions in your child.

There is a lot of text to read but If you can only manage to read the first few pages, you will find lots that is of use when leading your child with maths.

In the Home Educators area of our website you will see that on each activity page we have a box for vocabulary with links to our comprehensive glossary for many words on the lists.



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Anne and Pam are friends and colleagues with an obsession for improving maths attainment through raising self-esteem.

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